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"All The Right Gear In An Atmosphere That Incites Creativity"

    Located in Northeast Ohio, the New Renaissance Productions TM recording studio is designed, built, and equipped "from the ground up" to provide extreme capability, comfort and convenience; all in an atmosphere that keeps the creative imagination firing on all cylinders.  The studio is situated near the quiet town of Beloit, Ohio.  Away from big city distractions and congestion, yet central to and easily accessible from the greater Akron, Canton, and Youngstown, metropolitan areas.

    Sweet acoustically treated spaces, a well stocked microphone locker, some of the most sought after microphone preamps, compressors, and other outboard gear, premium Apogee A/D (analog to digital) conversion, Apogee Big Ben master word clock, fully outfitted DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) with high level editing capabilities, high track counts, and award winning plug-ins, a top-of-the-line Fortune Drums 'house' drum kit, a stellar keyboard rig, and many other features too numerous to mention here...

    In short, New Renaissance Productions TM  is a great place to hunker down and get to the joy ride that is making music.

New Renaissance Productions TM studio features:

Main recording studio-  295 sq. ft. with 10 ft. ceilings. "Double wall" construction with floating floors finished in maple hardwood. Interior walls constructed almost entirely of RPG DiffusorBlox® with RPG 2D Skyline® Diffusors on the ceiling.

Control room-  305 sq. ft. "Room within a room" construction with floating floors finished in maple hardwood. Acoustic treatments utilize internal room geometry, custom designed acoustic mid-band absorbers and ASC (Acoustic Sciences Corporation) large diameter Tube Traps).

Isolation Room-  A separate acoustically treated 25 sq. ft. isolation room adjoins the control room.

Cue System-  A fully integrated Furman HRM-16 / HDS-16 personal cue system (with six remote mixing stations) provide each musician with their own personal mixer to adjust individual instrument volume levels to taste and create their own custom headphone mix.  With full musician-to-musician and musician-to-control room talkback facilities.

Comfort-  is provided by a custom designed ultra-quiet heating and air conditioning system with state-of-the-art electronic air filtration and humidity control systems.

Fully equipped commissary and restroom facilities are provided for our client's comfort and convenience.

Audio wiring-  Custom designed, purpose built stainless steel audio panels & Switchcraft patchbays are hard wired with premium quality Mogami ultra low capacitance OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) 2930 series cable and outfitted with Neutrik gold plated connectors (ditto for all of the system interconnect wiring in the studio).  All inputs and outputs are terminated in a matrix of 9 patchbays (a total of 440 patch points) to allow complete flexibility in configuring the audio signal path.

Please note:  New Renaissance Productions TM is (and always has been) a smoke free recording facility.


New Renaissance Productions TM - The place where Renaissance Craftsmanship Embraces 21st Century Technology.


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- Full length Music CD's and Song Demos

- Arrangements and Background Music  for singers and songwriters

- Performance Demos for karaoke singers and performing artists using backing tracks

- Radio Commercials, Background Music and Voice-Over for Television, radio, video and corporate presentations

- Message-On-Hold Advertising (with available royalty free background music, script writing, and voice over)

- Song Compilation CD's for weddings, memorial services & other occasions

- Transfer of Vinyl Records to CD, with clean-up of pops , clicks and rumble

- Transfer of analog tapes (or digital media) to hard disc, CD and other storage mediums

- Tape Baking service

- Mixing and Audio Sweetening

- Forensic Audio Restoration, noise reduction, and clean up

- Sample Rate and Bit Rate Conversions and Transfers between the myriad digital formats

 - Audio Consulting and Installation of PA systems, specializing in Houses of Worship

    If you're in the planning stages, click here to visit our Hot Tips and Cool Tricks page.  You'll find tons of tips and tricks to help you prepare.  Additionally, you can request the free DISC MAKERS brochure '37 Recording Tips- a valuable guide to making the most of your time in the studio'

    Here at New Renaissance Productions TM "All the right gear in an atmosphere that incites creativity" isn't just a catchy slogan.  From the minute you walk through our door, you're immersed in an environment which enables you to relax, hit your stride, and be at your creative best.  We've already done the heavy lifting for you, leaving you free to focus fully on what you do best.  We've cherry picked some of the best of today's cutting edge technology and combined it with a fully outfitted arsenal of highly sought after microphones, microphone preamps, compressors, and other fine analog & digital outboard processing gear (including all the essential support pieces that enable us to exploit that gear to it's fullest).  And to keep you on the forefront, we're constantly adding to and updating this already impressive arsenal.

    So let your own eyes and ears be the judge- feel free to contact us for an appointment to tour the studio. We're convinced you'll decide that  New Renaissance Productions TM is the right recording studio for you.

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